Saturday Club

At Willow Dene Saturday Club, we want children to come and play with different children and adults in a safe environment and have lots of fun. We want friendships to be made with peers and adults alike.

We provide children with lots of different enjoyable experiences and opportunities such as swimming, cooking, arts and crafts, soft play, and ball pool (Covid 19 permitting). Our staff will support children to practise and learn new skills in a fun way. We have different equipment and resources that make sure everyone can access everything on offer. Our creative activities will often have a theme that reflects the time of year or celebrates festivals that are being observed by families in the community. The activities offered are all age appropriate.

We have different equipment that children can use in our outside area such as trampolines, swings, climbing frames and a slide. Having time outside in the fresh air is important for children’s health and well-being so we will always provide opportunities for this come rain or shine. If children are not feeling so energetic then we have a sensory garden where they can relax and take in and explore the different sights, smells, and sounds of the surroundings.

Staff from Willow Dene school will help children access all the different activities and support them in developing their independence, social skills and making progress towards outcomes. Staff are kind and caring and dedicated to children getting the most they can from the activities on offer.

For your child to sign up to Saturday Club, you need to be in receipt of a specialist package from the Disabled Children's Social Work Team at Royal Greenwich.