Key Stage 3 Enterprise Projects - Hot Off the Press News!

Every Key Stage 3 Class completes their own enterprise project over the course of the year. It’s main aim is to support the development of the children’s economic well-being and make a positive contribution. Each Class plans, organises and develops their own ideas from their own ideas, research, planning, design, production and marketing . Every class completes their own enterprise project over the course of the year.
Hedgehog Class have been very busy creating their own infused flavoured oils for their class Enterprise project! Just this week, they finished their Rosemary and Thyme infused olive oils that can be purchased from Oakmere Road for the very low price of £4!!! They have developed their likes, dislikes, choosing skills and even developed their fine/gross motor control by cutting and pouring with accuracy! We believe you are going to love these oils as they can make any dish taste AMAZING and are busting with flavour! Come down and see for yourself…hurry while stocks last!
Pool Frog class have been busy researching different types of flowers and conducted polls to choose from some of the ones they were most inspired by. They have begun potting and planting the chosen flowers and are now in the process of designing posters to establish an appropriate price point! Watch this space as these beautiful bedding and pot plants will soon be available!