Blended Diets at Willow Dene

We have a growing number of families who have expressed interest and asked for information about the school’s approach to using blended diets with children who are enterally fed as an alternative or addition to the traditional use of manufactured specialist milk products.  This is a relatively new field although many medical professionals recognise the potential benefits. As a school we have seen the positive impact that blended diets can have on children and families first hand.  These include general health, weight gain, reduction in sickness amongst others.


Our blended diet school meals offer was the outcome of a joint project between us, Chartwell’s and a parent representative.  We are hoping to offer a coffee morning next half term for any parents interested in our blended diet to find out more, but in the meantime if anyone is interested or has any questions, please contact our Executive Head Teacher, Rachel Harrison or your community dietician.


Our school based blended diet menu can be found here