Willow Dene Core Priorities 2020 - 2021

"Core Priorities 2020 - 2021"
To continue to develop our vision for digital technologies, enhancing our workforce skill level and knowledge and providing the opportunity for staff to develop their own skills so that they can support the children in the use of the new technologies
To further develop organisational systems, storage and distribution which improve procurement thus ensuring that the optimum resources are available and accessible within an efficient budget management system
To broaden the range of assessment frameworks available in EfL, embed class team’s assessment practices and develop systems for sharing children’s progress and achievement
To provide opportunities to improve the mental health of the school community, with a focus on individual family circumstances, in the light of the Covid-19 pandemic
To develop Willow Dene as a hub that continues to drive change to ensure that we are a fully inclusive community that promotes racial equality, celebrates differences and challenges discrimination
To further develop teaching, learning and curriculum knowledge for all staff by fully utilising the role of subject leads
To broaden sensory processing access and impact within school and the wider community, with a focus on CPD for all