Willow Dene Core Priorities 2019 - 2020

"Core Priorities 2019 - 2020"
To develop a new vision for digital technologies to enable our provision to become more adaptable as the landscape evolves, maximizing outcomes for children, improving staff workflows and reducing costs.
To develop systems, strategies and collaborative working which improve procurement thus ensuring that the optimum resources are secured in a timely way, at value for money and within the school and MAT financial frameworks.
To plan and implement the conversion of the school’s Learning Journeys assessment system to a fully integrated app-based system, in order to transform practice in assessing, capturing, storing, documenting, analysing and sharing children’s progress and achievement.
To develop Willow Dene as a hub which advocates and models healthier lifestyle choices for families taking into account the complex barriers caused by the social and environmental context within the community.
To develop knowledge of how cultural identity and understanding shapes relationships between adults in the Willow Dene community in order to break down barriers and facilitate cohesion.
To enhance the Willow Dene curriculum so that it continues to encompass the ethos of Willow Dene, incorporates current thinking and develops subject specialist knowledge and expertise within the arts.
To extend sensory processing policy and provision across the school to create capacity for new initiatives and interventions.