We recognise that our children are likely to have a high number of appointments with a variety of professionals.  If these happen at hospitals or out of school venues, it can be disruptive for the child who may miss days in school and it can be difficult for families who will need to organise transport.  Often children need a day off school for an appointment that may only last thirty minutes, not to mention the difficulties that many of our families have in visiting unfamiliar locations or travelling with their child.  

To minimise disruption to our children, Willow Dene has developed a number of unique school-based clinics, where visiting professionals conduct their appointments at the school.  Parents are welcome to request an appointment at any of our school-based clinics.  All of our clinics are accessible to our children who attend our Oakmere Road school. Oakmere Road now has a dedicated clinic room.  During 2018-2019 many of our well-established clinics will be replicated at Oakmere Road in order to avoid the need for children to travel between sites. 

Dietetic and Feeding Clinic
Our visiting dietician holds a weekly dietetic clinic to see children who need support in maintaining a healthy diet and weight or children who need monitoring because they are enterally fed by an alternative method such as gastrostomy.  These clinics are also attended by the Nursing team, Speech and Language Therapy team and school staff.

School Paediatricians
Our school Paediatricians are in school every week conducting regular medicals for children and addressing concerns as they arise.  We have a dedicated Paediatrician for children under five years old, who comes to Willow Dene regularly to see our youngest children.

Sleep Clinic
Our school nursing team can organise a sleep clinic, where they are able to offer support and advice for families when their child has disrupted sleep.  These clinics are also attended by school staff.

Ophthalmology Clinic
We are working in partnership with SeeAbility, campaigning for better eye care for children in special schools.  SeeAbility hold a weekly clinic in school, where our visiting Ophthalmology team are able to assess vision and write prescriptions and fit glasses on site. These clinics make good use of our sensory rooms. They are also attended by school staff.

Our splint clinic is held by our Orthotist together with our Physiotherapy team.  The orthotics clinic can cast and fit children for ankle/foot orthotics (splints), insoles, heel cups and body braces.  School staff can attend the orthotics clinics in place of parents, where parents would prefer this.  Upper limb orthotics for hands are measured and made on school site by our Occupational Therapist.

Wheelchair Clinic
There is a monthly wheelchair clinic which is run by Greenwich Wheelchair Clinic, in conjunction with our Occupational therapy team.  Wheelchair services can fit, adjust and assess wheelchairs and buggies for all wheelchair users at school who are Greenwich residents. NRS will visit children in school on request to repair wheelchairs or buggies.

CAMHS school clinic
Once hold a regular ‘in school’ Children and Adolescent Mental Health Service (CAMHS) clinic where our visiting CAMHS team will meet with staff and parents to discuss concerns around challenging behaviour.  Within the allocated clinic time she will observe children in school and meet with staff and parents to examine possible causes, strategies and where appropriate treatments.    

Postural Assessment and Pain Profiling
Children with limited mobility regularly have their posture and equipment fully assessed by our Physiotherapists and Occupational Therapists.  This information is used to inform hospital specialists of any changes, therefore ensuring rapid intervention as well as making sure that the equipment they have is the best possible.  In a similar way, we regularly use pain profiling for children experiencing pain or discomfort and this information can be used to inform hospital specialists so that pain relief can be achieved quickly.

Our school nursing team have two members of the team trained in phlebotomy, who are able to take blood samples in school.  This has enabled children to have the procedure done in a familiar environment with people they know.

The school dentist and dental nursing team are regular visitors to Willow Dene.  They provide dental supplies so that children can have their teeth brushed in school and conduct regular dental screening in classes, so that children are in a familiar environment.  We also hold dental workshops, which allow parents to talk to the dentist about any concerns they may have around their child’s dental hygiene. 

New to Willow Dene in 2018-2019, will be regular visits from Oxleas newly appointed epilepsy nurse who will discuss children with epilepsy, meet with parents and liaise with the wider treating team.

Visiting Consultants

We work collaboratively with Consultants at Guys & Evelina Hospital and can hold school-based clinics where orthopaedic and Neurology Consultants carry out their clinics on-site.  This reduces travelling time for children and families and allows the local team and school staff to attend these important appointments.

School Health Liaison Meetings
In recognition of the need for a responsive service for our complex children, we hold half-termly School Health Liaison Meetings.  This gives the school team the opportunity to meet with Community Paediatricians and Community Nursing, for a multi-disciplinary discussion about children who may need rapid intervention or a problem-solving approach to their care.