What Others Say About Us

Parent Quotes March 2022

Hi Emmanuel, Im pleased to hear he is doing so well with his numeracy. He had a great night back into routine and he so needs it. I realise how bad things get without routine. Im getting great reports from the bus so lets hope he keeps up the good work. Have a great day, L

Parent Quote February 2022

Hi Jess,

Thank you for sending this to me. Truly appreciate it. 
Imahni has been doing really well lately and I’m very happy, she’s reaching for things that she wants now and sometimes even says ‘more’ and honestly my heart is happy because I didn’t think we would get here again. Thanks to all of you for the work that you do.
Have a lovely day, Vicki Campbell 

Careers Practitioner quote January 2022

"I am a careers practitioner working in Willow Dene school providing information, advice and guidance to families regarding post 16 options and supporting next steps and transitions. The staff at Willow Dene are all very welcoming and so professional. It feels like a family environment when I am in school. I am very happy to be supporting families whilst working with the staff here."

Parent Survey Autumn 2021

"As a school you are doing a great job. Please continue the good work"

"This fantastic school is the most amazing thing to ever happen to my child. The staff are exceptional and my child is a totally different person since attending. They just keep impressing me and I wish every child with special needs had the opportunity to attend here. We feel very blessed and I'm certain my child would not achieve what he has without the amazing staff and facilities"

"I can't thank everyone in words or by expressing my happiness of my child being fortunate to get a place at Willow Dene. My child is so happy here and at home since he has been coming to school. Everyone has been so helpful, supportive and enthusiastic in the development of my child. Music therapy has done fantastic work with my child for him to develop interest in the piano. We at home say he is a pianist as his 9 year old brother is a violinist. We will always remember the team for the fantastic work they have done with my child."

Careers Enterprise Company December 2021

"I've supported Willow Dene with their careers and work related learning for the past year. Mark and all class teachers have always shown enthusiasm and positivy when ideas are put forward. Willow Dene have secured Careers Booster funding for an excellent enterprise project and has already provided an employer encounter with Premier Inn by working closely with business volunteers. Mark consistently takes part in all professional development relevant for Willow Dene. All this hard work has led to Willow Dene securing a place in the Careers Hub within East London, delivered by Local London. Only 50% of schools were able to get a place so it's an incredible achievement."

Challenge Partners Visit - March 2021

“Willow Dene’s vision of ‘Seeing Possibilities and Realising Dreams’ is shared fully with all stakeholders and reinforces the school’s approach. The culture and ethos of the school is highly positive, and relationships are strong. The curriculum is well sequenced and coherent with individualised expectations applied to each child. As a consequence, pupil’s characters are developed well, and their voice is heard. The positivity and enthusiasm of everyone we have spoken to is exciting and powerful.” 


National Careers Week - March 2021

"Thank you Willow Dene School for sharing your careers learning. Keep up the good work!"


@TalentionCareer Schools Career Week via twitter - March 2021

'So many schools could learn from Willow Dene - congratulations on a brilliant careers week'


Compass Parent Forum - February 2021

"At the most recent Compass Oarent Forum Meeting, the quality of remote teaching was discussed and all parents gave very positive feedback about the remote offer that their child has received.  This included our Willow Dene parents.  We wanted you to know this because managing remote teaching at Willow Dene is complex and time consuming.  We thought it was important that you know that it is appreciated"


Parent Comment via Twitter - February 2021

"cant thank the staff @WillowDeneSch for the amazing work with Oliver! I honestly never believed i would hear this! I hope you all have a great break you deserve it xx"


Parent Video Message via twitter - January 2021


Parent Message - January 2021

"Your support is really appreciated and the whole school is doing an amazing job during such a difficult time. You've even helped bring me shopping. Teachers are not getting the recognition or thanks they deserve and I want you all to know how very grateful we are for everything all the staff at Willow Dene are doing!"


Jack Petchey Foundation via Twitter - November 2020                

"What a fantastic way to include young people in deciding your winners AND grant spends!"


Woolwich Contempory Print Fair, - November 2020

"You guys did some brilliant artwork. The judges have a seriously hard task this week. Watch this space for the announcement on 16 Nov of the winners of the first Young London Print Prize"


Oxleas Community Children Nursint Team - Oct 2020

"A pupil from @WillowDeneSch helped the nursing team interview for a new nursery nurse for the school team! A great experience for both the team and student"


Emmanuel, former Student - September 2020

"My family and I are most grateful. Spending 13 years of my life with you, from nursery to secondary."


Parent/Carer - September 2020

"I would like to thank every single member of staff who have supported me and Abby during the last million years, you truly are amazing and I'm forever greatful!"


Councillor Linda Bird - September 2020

"Awesome work everyone -perhaps Mayor Bird should join the next round of fitness challenges"


Parent, via Twitter - July 2020

"As we near the end(fingers crossed)of having to shield with our daughter, I would like to say a HUGE thank you to @Ldn_Ambulance @angiewattsuk @WillowDeneSch @GreenwichSLT and the physio team for supporting us and making our life a little easier"


Parent, via Twitter - July 2020

"I would like to thank everyone who has made my sons 1st Yr at school a lovely one. From Saying nothing to hearing loads of words even some sentences has made my yr. We couldn't of done this without everyone at willow dene. Looking forward to the coming yr. Be safex"


Parent, via Twitter - July 2020

"Thank you to all the staff for making my daughters first year at willowdene a wonderful experience always going above and beyond making us feel comfortable and welcome enjoy your well deserved break see you in September"


Oxleas NHS Physio Team - July 2020

"Proud to be part of such a fabulous team, working hard to support such wonderful, resilient families in our community"


Parent, via Twitter - June 2020

"Just caught the latest update on YouTube. I want to say thank you so much for the brilliant way in which as a school you have communicated with us as parents every step of the way. September plans sound amazing and you answered questions i didn’t even know I had."


Emails received from RBG staff following Royal Greenwich Article - June 2020

‘I saw the article and I must say it is about time YOU and YOUR STAFF  got some recognition for the good work that your school does’


‘Thank you so much for hosting us and making such a positive difference to peoples’ lives’


Royal Borough of Greenwich, via Twitter - June 2020

"Many schools have stayed open to support vulnerable children & critical workers during this crisis. Without the army of staff keeping them running, this wouldn't have been possible. Last week we visited @WillowDeneSch to recognise & thank some of them."


Message from Parent - June 2020

‘Thank-you so much for everything. God bless you guys. You do so much, I cannot even express but I'm just saying thank you to all of you guys who are supporting me throughout this pandemic. God will bless you abundantly’


Dan Thorpe/Matt Morrow, RBG Councillors, via Twitter - June 2020

"A massive thank you to @WillowDeneSch for letting @Matt_Morrow88 & I pop in today. You have done a truly phenomenal job in this crisis & it was a pleasure to meet a few of the 2,725 children we had in schools today across @Royal_Greenwich - a massive thanks to all our schools "

"A pleasure to meet pupils at @WillowDeneSch with @DanLThorpe Staff do an amazing job and during the pandemic have also been supporting parents who might otherwise feel very isolated."


Florence Kroll (Director of Children’s Services) - May 2020

"It really is wonderful how you are providing such amazing and creative provision for your children. I love seeing your posts  – thankyou"


Kulvy, Trustee - May 2020

"Thank you for hitting the ground running with the Virtual Coffee morning. It’s amazing to see how Willowdene is adapting and remaining agile in these uncertain times placing families and communities at the centre of there core values. They say it takes a village to raise a child, Willowdene is our Village!

I am attending the Parent Forum on Thursday and am delighted to be feedback all the wonderful and powerful community spirit that is taking place at Willowdene."


Parent - May 2020

"Thanks Willow Dene for such a beautiful eid card. A pleasant surprise, first time ever. It was indeed a joyous and happy eid. Thank you very much."


Spring 2 Term 2020 Messages from Parents:

"A massive thank you to all the staff at @willowdenesch we have only been a part of the school for a short time but feel so welcome and supported especially in these difficult times"


"A big thank you to all the teachers & staff at @willowdenesch for being there for is unconditionally and creating a beautiful safe environment for all the children to meet their potential! We hope to come back soon and miss you all so much"


"Thank you to all my fellow teaching assistants and other staff @willowdenesch for being a great team, supporting each other through these strange times, checking on each other and continuing to be awesome in and out of school.  With all  my heart THANK YOU"


"Big thank you to all amazing Willow Dene teachers for the brilliant work they do every day to support our children"


"Heartfelt thanks to those who have taught and inspired my children and my amazing teacher colleagues, support and wider support staff who are the most amazing, dedicated and awesome people who are dedicated to our incredible families and children"


"I am incredibly lucky to work with not only amazing teachers at Willow Dene School – thank you for inspiring me every day smf working so incredibly hard for our amazing children and families"


"Willow Dene School is an exceptional school – brings out the very best in our children"


"Thank you so much for looking after our Karl – he had been going crazy at home, but now even though he isn’t in a full week he is so much calmer … you guys are always the best"


"To each and every teacher and member of staff at Willow Dene – thank you for your unwavering support.  Not just for our children but also to us parents – we as a family cannot thank you all enough"


"Day after day you change the lives of all our children – you are all super amazing"


"You excel at what you do… bringing all the abilities out in our children.  I am truly blessed to be part of the Willow Dene community and can’t thank you enough"


"You are all still doing an amazing job xxx"


"Willow Dene school has been a life saver for me and Audrey, we have faced so much discrimination because of Audrey needs, its only now I started to feel like I can do more. The Care Audrey gets at school has made me think of doing all I can for other families paying it forward.  The SendFriendly Initiative is born out of the support Willow Dene has given my daughter.  We love Willow Dene School"

"Tell everyone we are so grateful -thank you so much"


"You guys are doing an amazing job- thanks for the lovely video messages xxx"


"We miss you all very much.  God bless you all"


"Loving everything Willow Dene is doing to support parents"


"Well deserved to brilliant staff who check in every week to make sure families are okay and have everything they need and to everyone else who keeps the school ticking over"


"You guys really do deserve the recognition of a job done brilliantly.  An amazing team"


We also had a shout out on Heart Radio from someone who ‘wanted to thank all the staff at Willow Dene for keeping the school going during these hard times for children with disabilities’


MOVE Quality Mark and Centre of Excellence Report - Apr 2020

"There is clear evidence of appropriate teaching and learning strategies based on an analysis of the child’s need and a monitoring of their progress. This was observed at various points throughout the assessment visit. Individualised communication strategies and activities were happening throughout the day and class staff understood the importance of MOVE. Willow Dene School continues to be an example of outstanding practice. The school should be commended for their ongoing commitment to the MOVE Programme and achieving the best possible outcomes for their children"


Spring 1 Term 2020 Messages from Parents:

‘L has had some really low moments during this lockdown as she is a 12 weeker we can’t even leave the house for the hours exercise.  It was so good to see her excited to see her friends (on screen) and will give her something to look forward to… as always showing why I fought so hard for L’s school place – always there for the whole family even in these unprecedented times’


‘Aaaah bless you all – tell everyone we are so grateful to you all.  You are so kind’


‘Sending a big hug to everyone at school from me’


‘You are all superstars! Thank you so much’


‘More inspiring ways of engaging with parents (from WD school)building on already amazing support for SEND children and families’


‘Thank you so much for the much needed  day today.  A massive thank you for the support you give us as families- honestly I don’t know what I would do without you guys’


‘@WillowDeneSch your support for SEND families and @info_anchor over the years is just incredible’


Just wanted to say I think you and everyone still in work is doing an amazing job in these scary times’


‘I think you are all amazing what you are doing for our children.  Our parents 100% know they can count on WD to be there for them’


Glad you are all OK. Bigg Up to you all!! Xxx


Thanks to you all you are all amazing


Thank you your support means a lot


Just want to say you are all doing an amazing job. You are all true superstars


Playground - We had an amazing time and can’t wait to do it again – just getting out made the world of difference


Playground- Thank you so much. It made us all very happy to have a change of scenery.  We will be back


Well done to all the staff at Willow Dene – my thoughts are with each and every one of you. God bless x


Happy Easter to all the wonderful staff.  Keep up the good work




Governor- April 2020

"A big thank you to all staff for their dedication and commitment at this time. Please extend my condolences to Jake's family, it indeed must be a difficult time for the family. Again, many thanks to you, the senior management and entire staff for such brilliant work throughout these difficult times."



Compass Parent Forum feedback-  April 2020

'Parents from all schools were ‘Unanimously thankful and positive for the communication between trust, school and them and unanimous in their admiration for you’



From Cllr Danny Thorpe-  April 2020

"Every Willow Dene Family I met today spoke in absolutely glowing terms and it was such a pleasure to hear. A few hours of brightness in a very depressing week for me so far. Keep being amazing!"


Dr Sabitha Sridhar, Clinical Director CYP Directorate, Memorial Hospital - Mar 2020

 "The passion and commitment of the special schools team and the school staff  was so evident; it was a privilege to meet Rachel, the clinicians in the team, and speak to staff. Willowdene is such a powerful  example of successful integrated  working, and I was really impressed by the adaptability of the school/ clinical staff to focus on an individual child's needs, support  joint thinking, seamlessly work across a range of therapies/educational interventions for each child and promote innovation." 


Ofsted Report Quotes - December 2019

  • 'staff care greatly about the pupils' and 'they go the extra mile to ensure that pupils get the most from their education'
  • 'staff are experts at delivering learning in engaging, interesting ways and pupils fully understand' 
  • 'parents are happy with how well their children are achieving'
  • 'parents feel staff are 'approachable and feel well informed about the next steps of their child's learning'


Heather Damons and Carly Fordham, Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Newhaven PRU - Dec 2019

"We absolutely loved our visit and found it both informative and inspirational. Two things that really stood out for us were the fantastic staff-student relationships. No student is left behind but engaged in a way that supports their needs. We were also very envious of your displays - they look amazing and display your passion for the work and the students in your care. They tell a real story of the school and its commitment to ensure that each student makes progress. Thank you."



Challenge Partners Quality Assurance Review, January 2019

Outstanding - in all areas

Quality Assurance Review The review team, comprising of host school leaders and visiting reviewers agree that evidence indicates these areas are evaluated as follows:

School Improvement Strategies - Outstanding

Outcomes for Pupils  - Outstanding

Quality of Teaching, Learning and Assessment  - Outstanding

Overall Estimate - Outstanding 

Please note that a Challenge Partners Quality Assurance Review is not equivalent to an Ofsted inspection, and agreed estimates from the review are not equivalent to Ofsted judgements.

To access the full report click here


Kulvy, Parent/Trustee Forum Visit - November 2019

"I would like to thank you all for hosting the Parent Forum visits on Friday, I really enjoyed a refreshed tour of our wonderful Schools Willowdene and Oakmere. 
All the staff at our Schools are exceptionally commendable in their dedication for our children’s welfare.The support staff are absolutely amazing they truly are the backbone of both the Schools whom without the “Magic” would not happen!
The Schools are always full of love, fun and are sincerely welcoming. I believe the Schools have always epitomised the true values of “Optimism Ambition and Resilience”. I have observed at first hand the value based learning and provision around the needs of every child and their families at both Schools enabling our children to thrive and enjoy “living and learning”.
This is all due to a high quality learning environment in addition to the Schools commitment to each child’s family. It is this ethos that has given us parents hope for the future for our children and help provide the best opportunities for them to reach their true potential.
Rachel hugest congratulations on your Executive Headship, under your leadership you have created a warm and passionate operating environment for your colleagues enabling them to do great things by breaking down barriers and limiting impossibilities for our children and ambitiously inclusive. We are the “Premier League”of Special Educational Needs.
Please pass on my regards to Claire and Mark for taking quality time out of their teaching day to deliver a very Sharp focused and Informative tour on Curriculum Development."


Beckie Williams, Halstow School, November 2018

“Just wanted to drop you an email to say thank you so much for today; I know time is precious so I really appreciate you giving up some of it to us! [The introduction to Learning Journeys] was so useful and detailed and I feel confident that this will be a great tool for Halstow to use.”


Steph Cargill, Beaumont Hill Academy, The Education Village – November 2018

“Thank you for the training [on Willow Dene’s Learning Journeys assessment system] you delivered on Monday. All staff have commented how fantastic it was and how enthused we all feel to begin to introduce this in our school.”


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As ever, thank you so much for supporting our students -they had an amazing experience at Willow Dene.