Home school contact books

At Willow Dene every child has a home school contact book, these help to provide a direct exchange of information and dialogue between home and school. We aim to ensure that parents and carers are fully informed about their child’s daily activities and wellbeing as well as providing providing our children with a voice to enable them to communicate their daily activities at home or school. We believe that all children will learn better if home and school work together in partnership.  To achieve this aim we ask parents / carers to support and sign our Home School Agreement.


Parents evening

We have one formal parents' evening in the autumn term and an informal parents evening at the end of the year to recognise and celebrate children’s progress. Parents’ evenings are an opportunity to talk about your child, including how they have settled into class and to discuss their learning. Teachers share ways in which your child is learning and making progress through photos, videos and discussion. This provides parents with the opportunity to see the specialist approaches, equipment and resources your child uses in action.


Annual reviews

Annual reviews are held once a year to review children’s learning and progress. Class teachers will provide a holistic report of the progress children have made in all aspects of their learning. Children are encouraged to be a key part of this process and a video demonstrating their achievements, likes and progress will be shown. New areas for learning and achievement are discussed and objectives are set in collaboration with parents to plan for children’s future.