PE And Sports Premium

PE and Sports Premium

Sport and increased physical activity have long been recognised as important areas to promote through education and beyond. Physical activity and playing sports is beneficial for the health of individuals but also has the capacity to bring communities together. The London 2012 Olympics and Paralympics created increased excitement about sport and inspired many to take up and participate in activities they had never tried before. The government recognised the importance of maintaining that interest and ensuring that the legacy of the Games continued, and so have invested millions of pounds into schools through the PE and Sport Premium. Since 2013 primary schools have been entitled to this funding in order to make additional and sustainable improvements to the quality of PE and sport they offer.

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Physical development, which includes PE, swimming, MOVE and Sensory Processing work is vital to the children at Willow Dene. Through participation in PE, our children develop their motor skills and learn how to control their bodies in different and more refined ways, through personalised and engaging activities. They also acquire key values such as respect, co-operation and kindness. Our facilities are highly specialised and have been chosen to meet the wide variety of needs our children have. The PE and Sports Premium has meant that we are able to invest in specific areas we would like to develop as a school that will have long term effects on the health, well-being, learning and development of our children.

In order to assess the impact of the PE and Sports Premium we are able to reference pupil attainment using our Learning Journey assessment which is recorded using Evidence for Learning, as well as through our Annual Reviews, MOVE assessments and discussions with staff and parents. We are then able to see if there are specific areas that children need to develop and if there are trends throughout the school.

Year 2020-21

We will receive £17,800 in sports premium funding.

How we plan to invest the money

The intended impact on the children’s PE and sport participation and attainment


- To enhance our curriculum through extending the range of activities and sports available:


  • Long lasting and durable equipment to support teaching new sports for example basketball hoops, yoga equipment, athletics (Approx. £6,000)


Children will have access to a wider range of sports and activities to broaden their interests and increase their chance of finding sports they really enjoy

Children will be enabled to develop a wider range of physical skills

Increasing our range of durable resources will enable us to broaden our sporting expertise and improve on the sport opportunities available to children. Children will be have greater opportunities to find sports and activities that they really love and be encouraged to continue long term


- To further develop our swimming and personal fitness provision to provide targeted support to children and families: 


  • Money towards a new personal trainer/ swimming teacher who will take on a role that will support children and staff across the school (Approx. £4,000)

Children will have access to a sports professional who will be able to support them in their individual fitness goals

Children will have access to high quality, targeted swimming sessions



Staff will work alongside the personal trainer in order to improve their own understanding of fitness and be able to support children in their programs even when the trainer is not there

Knowledge and advice from the personal trainer will be disseminated through to the children, staff and families, involving everyone at different points and improving fitness and lifestyle for all

Quality, innovative swimming sessions will be provided for all children to meet their individual needs


- To enhance physical development and sensory regulation opportunities throughout the school environment: 


  • Sensory trails through building corridors, particularly focussing on areas where classes with greatest sensory regulation needs are based. This will encourage and enable spontaneous exercise and movement breaks (Approx. 1,000)
  • Development outdoor play areas involving outdoor sensory trails and sensory regulation equipment (Approx. 2,000)


Children will have regular, frequent and appropriate opportunities to have break out areas around the school, both inside and outside, to support them in their sensory regulation needs. Staff will be able to quickly and easily direct children to places nearby, where they can learn to meet their own needs safely. This will help to meet the needs of children more quickly and also potentially free up other spaces for different uses


Children will break negative responses to their own sensory needs and be able to regulate them more easily in a safe, controlled and accessible way. Sensory trail areas around the school will be integrated into the corridors and will be particularly durable in order to be fit for purpose

- To develop an inspiring outdoor play area for our two new classrooms being built this year: 


  • Outdoor large play equipment to support physical development and movement skills 
  • Shared, durable outdoor equipment to support outdoor active play and games (Approx. £4,800)


Children in our new classrooms will have high quality equipment to use both inside and outside to support their physical development. This equipment will be shared between the classes and will be positioned close by so it can be used frequently

The equipment and resources purchased for the new classes will be long lasting and durable. Portable equipment will be timetable between the classes to prevent damage

Excess not spent from last year’s budget due to Covid: £4,098. The money left over from last year will be spent on:

  • To develop MOVE breakout areas in order for children on the MOVE program to work on their MOVE programs more flexibly (Approx. £1000)
  • To enable PE units to be managed safely during Covid through purchasing class-based, durable and easy to clean resources (Approx. £2000)
  • To develop our Swim Spa provision through durable and sustainable equipment (Approx. £1000)

Children will have access to resources and equipment throughout the school to support their health and well-being, particularly during Covid. Children will have access to resources to use only within their bubble, to reduce cross contamination. Resources will be in place ready for children to access the Swim Spa as soon as it is complete

Resources used for the MOVE breakout areas will be durable and robust. They will be fixed and stored safely to prevent damage or misuse.

Resources purchased for classes will be durable and adaptable, ensuring they can be used in a wide range of ways to develop physical health, beyond Covid

The Swim Spa will be equipped with high quality equipment to develop physical strength and mental well-being for our children. Resources will be durable and well stored to ensure they are long lasting



Year 2019-20

We received £17,680 in sports premium funding. This year was disrupted by COVID-19 which meant that some of the opportunities to take part in community sports had to be put on hold. We developed our online sports during this period and continued to maintain relationships with other professionals.

How we invested the money

The impact on the children’s PE and sport participation and attainment

How it is sustainable

We further developed access and involvement in sports within the community through:

  • £950 - Joining the Greenwich School Sport Partnership where we took part in inter-school tournaments and began to develop expertise through discussion with various coaches


Children had access to increased opportunities to participate in sporting activities outside school through involvement in community sports

Children developed their physical skills as well as their social communication when interacting with children and staff from other settings

Relationships with other organisations have been forged that will enable us to share and have access to a wider range of equipment, settings and resources

Staff began to develop new skills and knowledge through new CPD opportunities and through taking part in more off-site activities

We developed our personal fitness provision in order to provide targeted and more general fitness programs for children, families and staff:

  • £3992 - Money towards our personal trainer
  • £312 - 5-a-Day Fitness
  • £456 - Playground equipment at Swingate Lane – Scooters and tunnel
  • £4243 - Fencing for the ballcourt at Swingate Lane

Children and their families had access to targeted fitness intervention where appropriate and more general fitness provision within class

Staff accessed professional support for managing physical needs including back and shoulder pain

Children at Swingate have access to equipment to improve fitness at playtimes and throughout the day, in designated and safe areas


Staff worked alongside the personal trainer in order to improve their own understanding of fitness and be able to support children in their programs, even when the trainer is not there

Knowledge and advice from the personal trainer has been disseminated through to the children, staff and families, involving everyone at different points and improving fitness and lifestyle for all

Staff are fitter and more able to manage and improve aches and pains

Equipment for the playground is durable, fixed and robust

The space the children use at playtimes is now divided up to make it safer and more practical to use

- To improve the quality and efficiency of our equipment storage to ensure it is easy to access, space saving, and better protected from damage:

  • £1131 - Storage solutions for large equipment to be safely stored out of the cupboard and into the three sports halls

Larger equipment is now stored on racks in the hall itself which  enables everyone to see what we have and has freed up space for us to invest in more equipment generally to be stored in the halls

Cupboards are easier to access which now means that staff are more able to take equipment out and more likely to put it back correctly to ensure equipment is not damaged, it is stored safely and is easy to find.  PE sessions have benefitted from staff finding it easier to to access equipment and resources being in better condition

Equipment will now last for longer through quality storage solutions which make damage less likely and will improve usage of equipment

Staff are able to see and access the equipment we already have, and this will lead to an improvement in children having maximum time to learn, rather than spending time storing equipment


- To further build upon sustainable and durable equipment to use for exercise and sensory regulation throughout the day and for dedicated PE sessions:

  • £2448
  • Break out areas with integrated equipment to be introduced around the school, to support the sensory needs of some children and enable spontaneous exercise and movement breaks
  • To build up our dance resources in order to further put into practise the PDM work we have done on dance, Movement Works, the Compass Dance event and use the portable mirrors we have purchased


Children have access to areas throughout the school that enable them to regulate their sensory needs as and when they need to, particularly when transitioning

Resources support the work we have already put in place, particularly around dance. This will lead to children and staff developing their skills in a range of physical movements, particularly dance

Equipment purchased is long lasting, durable and high quality. Break out areas around the school have been integrated into the corridors and are particularly durable in order to be fit for purpose

Resources purchased are high quality and durable. They have been timetabled in order to ensure they are well looked after and preserved for intended sessions (Post-Covid)