PE And Sports Premium

PE and Sports Premium 

Sport and increased physical activity have long been recognised as important areas to promote through education and beyond. Physical activity and playing sports is beneficial for the health of individuals but also has the capacity to bring communities together. The London 2012 Olympics and Paralympics created increased excitement about sport and inspired many to take up and participate in activities they had never tried before. The government recognised the importance of maintaining that interest and ensuring that the legacy of the Games continued, and so have invested millions of pounds into schools through the PE and Sport Premium. Since 2013 primary schools have been entitled to this funding in order to make additional and sustainable improvements to the quality of PE and sport they offer. 

For more information about the PE and Sport Premium, please click here. 

Physical development, which includes PE, swimming, MOVE and Sensory Processing work is vital to the children at Willow Dene. Through participation in PE, our children develop their motor skills and learn how to control their bodies in different and more refined ways, through personalised and engaging activities. They also acquire key values such as respect, co-operation and kindness. Our facilities are highly specialised and have been chosen to meet the wide variety of needs our children have. The PE and Sports Premium has meant that we are able to invest in specific areas we would like to develop as a school that will have long term effects on the health, well-being, learning and development of our children. 

In order to assess the impact of the PE and Sports Premium we are able to reference pupil attainment using our Learning Journey assessment which is recorded using Evidence for Learning, as well as through our Annual Reviews, MOVE assessments and discussions with staff and parents. We are then able to see if there are specific areas that children need to develop and if there are trends throughout the school.  


Key achievements to date 

Areas for further improvement and baseline evidence of need 

  • Investment in high quality robust equipment to meet the specialised needs of our children – such as the medi-motion bikes 

  • Investment into resources to support a wider range of sports and fitness activities, in particular to support classes to be active safely during Covid 

  • Increased secondary swimming opportunities, through the development of an on-site provision 

  • Staff training to become more confident in delivering high quality teaching and fitness opportunities for all children, through specialised input from professionals 


Year 2021-22 

We will receive £17,860 in sports premium funding. 


How we plan to invest the money 

The intended impact on the children’s PE and sport participation and attainment 


- To further develop our personal fitness provision to provide targeted support to children, families and staff:  


  • Money towards a new personal trainer who will take on a role that will support children, families and staff across the school (Approx. £6,800)  




Children will have access to a fitness professional who will be able to support them in their individual fitness goals 


Staff will work alongside the personal trainer in order to improve their own understanding of fitness and be able to support children in their programs even when the trainer is not there 

Knowledge and advice from the personal trainer will be disseminated through to the children, staff and families, involving everyone at different points and improving fitness and lifestyle for all 


- To further develop our swimming provision through to expand our provision and develop the skills of both children and staff: 


  • Money towards appointing a swimming teacher who will expand our swimming offer and develop the swimming abilities and opportunities for children across the school (Approx: £6,800) 



Children will have access to high quality, targeted swimming sessions 



Quality, innovative swimming sessions will be provided for all children to meet their individual needs 

Staff will gain new skills such as Liquid Vibrations training which can then be disseminated and used more widely 


- To develop the skills of staff in order to support our personal trainer to develop the health and fitness of our children and to share their new skills:  


  • Personal Training Level 2 course and staff cover  

  • Course for two members of staff to complete: £1,598 (£799pp) 

  • Cover while staff are training: £140 per day for 6 days £1,680 (£840pp) 

  • Total – (Approx. 3,280) 


Children will have access to staff who have greater knowledge of their health and fitness needs 

Staff are able to share their knowledge with other staff members and the wider school community, in order for everyone to benefit 

The knowledge that the staff gain on the training can be shared with others once completed, to improve the practice of a greater number of staff overall 

Children will see improved PE and fitness delivery from staff 

- To maintain a high standard of sustainable PE equipment to support unit maps and outside areas: 


  • Equipment (Approx. £800) 

  • Storage (Approx. £200) 

  • Total – Approx. £1000 


Children will have access to high quality, sustainable equipment to support them in their learning of a wider range of sports 

Children will have access to playground equipment that invites them to be more active 


Equipment purchased will be hard wearing and sustainable. Storage will be purchased where appropriate to ensure equipment is stored safely and securely to avoid unnecessary damage 

Excess not spent from last year’s budget due to Covid: £4982.73. The money left over from last year will be spent on: 


- Outdoor resources for Partridge and Pheasant Class - £140.85 


- Online resource to support children working on MOVE and Head First to look up - Help Kidz Learn subscription - £199.00 


- Resources towards our Spa Pool £3,442.88 


- Personal Trainer - £1,200 




Children in our two new classes will have shared, durable outdoor equipment to support outdoor active play and games.  This equipment will be positioned close by so it can be used frequently 


Children who find it a challenge to lift their heads, will have motivating reasons to do so using specialised online games aimed at encouraging movement for children with complex needs 


The spa pool will be resourced with equipment to support all children in their swimming, including specialised floatation devices and engaging props to encourage movement in the water 


The personal trainer started later than anticipated due to Covid. The personal trainer will work closely with individual children with identified needs and groups of children to support general fitness. It is hoped he will also be able to work with staff to maintain their fitness and well-being too 


The equipment and resources purchased for the new classes will be long lasting and durable. Portable equipment will be timetable between the classes to prevent damage 


The online resource will support teachers with ideas on how to create their own digital resources to encourage children to develop their movement skills 


Resources and equipment purchased for the spa pool will be good quality and hard wearing as they will be used frequently  


Children will have access to high quality physical development through a specialist. This specialist will be able to support staff to improve their own skills and knowledge around fitness. They will also be able to help staff with their own fitness in order to reduce sickness 



Year 2020-21 

Last year, we received £17,800 in sports premium funding. 


How we invested the money 

The impact on the children’s PE and sport participation and attainment 

How it is sustainable 

- We enhanced our curriculum through extending the range of activities and sports available: 


  • Long lasting and durable equipment to support teaching new sports for example basketball hoops, yoga equipment, athletics  

  • Actual spent - £4,547.85 


Children have had access to a wider range of sports and activities which has broadened their interests and staff have reported that some children have now found sports they really enjoy 

Children have been able to develop a wider range of physical skills 

We bought a large amount of durable and sustainable equipment in order to continue to deliver PE in a Covid safe environment. All classes received their own equipment that was not shared, to ensure children had access to a range of sports in a Covid safe way 

- To develop physical development and sensory regulation opportunities through use of specialised medi-motion bikes: 


  • Long Medi-Motion bikes - £7,722 

  • Pulse Oximetre - £78.66 

  • Actual spent - £7,800.66 


Now that we have more medi-motion bikes, children are now able to access them more frequently to support their flexibility and strength 


The bikes we have purchased are different sizes to support children at different stages of their development 


Medi-motion bikes are high quality and durable. They are adaptable in order to cater to the wide range of needs our children have, such as different seating options. We have different sized bikes located across both schools so children can continue to use them as they grow 

- To ensure all children have access to high quality and motivating movement programs that can be used in class if constrained by Covid restrictions again 


  • 5-a-Day 

  • Actual spent - £328 



Children have been able to access 5-a-Day fitness within their classes. Teacher have said this has been a great resources, especially in light of Covid restrictions which has meant some children have had to do most of their PE sessions in class 


It has improved teacher confidence in delivering fitness sessions with their classes. 

- To develop MOVE breakout areas in order for children on the MOVE program to work on their MOVE programs more flexibly 

  • Portable speaker 

  • Actual spent - £89.95 



Having a portable speaker has allowed children to be active throughout the school. Many children are motivated by music, or specific songs, which encourage and inspire them to keep going, such as a song when using a walker or trike  


MOVE co-ordinator has reported that the speaker is durable, waterproof and compatible with our music system, so we are hoping to purchase more 

- To improve staff knowledge around health and safety in PE  


  • Association for Physical Education Safe Practice Handbook 

  • Actual spent - £50.81 





Children will benefit from staff who have a greater depth of knowledge about safety when planning and delivering PE lessons. Equipment and movements will be more carefully considered 

The handbook will be used as a point of reference for anyone that needs it within the school. It will remain with the PE lead and be loaned out as required