Learning Activities

At Willow Dene School we are committed to providing our children with motivating learning experiences, which work on specific skills, as well as aiding their attention and concentration. It is through engagement that children are in the best position to achieve their full potential, so much of what we do begins by thinking about what is motivating for our pupils.

Children at Willow Dene are a diverse group of learners and engage with activities in different ways. These activities can support lots of different skills, depending on children’s needs and learning profiles. There are some suggestions of  how each activity can be used, but feel free to tailor them to support your child in the next steps of their learning.

Look at some of the activities that we have enjoyed by clicking on the pictures below, and find activities to promote those skills:

SensoryMark MakingFine Motor


Home Learning Activity Videos

A selection of videos created by Willow Dene staff, with lots of ideas of activites for your children. 

A selection of our favourite Dance, Yoga, PE, Move & Groove videos that we sometimes like to use in class!

Music Therapy Songs 

Music Therapy  Instrumental Pieces 

Speech and Language - Using Games and Topic Boards to Support Communication

Hello from our Teachers

Teachers are missing their children and have recorded short messages for their classes to stay in touch.

General Information to Support Families at Home during Covid Lockdown

A useful guide to help with setting routines, behaviovour management and learning activities whilst you are at home

NHS Handwashing Song

Baby Shark handwashing song

Washy Washy Clean handwashing song

Lunchtime Song

Sleep Tips For Parent/Carers 

Behaviour Strategies for Parents

All Purpose Activities

Lots of fabulous activities from TheSensoryProjects for learners looking for sensory experiences, with sensory stories, recipes and activities to try with links to other great websites and resources

Twinkl are offering free access to lots of educational resources during Covid school closures

Lots of arts and culture ideas for children to explore here, such as famous works of art (you can zoom in so close you can examine the brush strokes), comparing self-portraits to a selfie of themselves, exploring famous landmarks (even exploring Robert Falcon Scott’s Antarctic Hut) and learning about famous, culturally significant figures.

Calming, Relaxation and Regulation Activities

A lovely selection of songs and visual effects to calm, focus and help with regulation! Popular in lots of classes! Wren Class also use bubbles and massage cream to help compliment the experience!

Selection of sensory soothing visual imagery with sounds to help calm, focus and regulate

ICT, Cause and Effect

List of useful Ipad Apps to support Learners with Complex Needs

Help Kids Learn are offering a free 14 day trial 

Amazing visual and sound website, Bouncyballs, allowing you create movement with vocalisations, sound, develop mouse control and visual tracking - lots of opportunities for lots of fun learning and activities

Sensory Stories

Sensory Activity Cards from Twinkl

Audible contains 100s of free kids' audiobooks. Just clicken, stream and listen also available in different languages

Stories and Books

Lots of lovely and interesting ideas and activities from ScottishBookTrust to use with books and stories!

Fine Motor Skills

Ideas and suggestions from Twinkl to develop fine motor skills

Great Dough Disco session - all you need is some dough, your hands and off you go!

Signed Songs and Music

Great resource for interactive music making from MusicLab

'Singing Hands' Makaton signed songs and nursery rhymes

Contains ideas from Soundabout to use at home to explore and have fun with music

Food Technology and Cooking 

Free materials for teachers and parents to support young people aged 5-14 to develop their understanding and love of fresh, healthy foo and the skills they need to cook and celebrate food from GetSetEatFresh


Wellbeing Activity Pack with lots of fun and inclusive activities for all the family

Physical Activity, Movement and Gross Motor Skills

Dance and movement activities 

10 minute shake up games for adults and children 

PE Activities to try at home

Supporting Parents to Teach PE at Home