School Council

We currently have two School Council's at Willow Dene based on our Swingate Lane Primary site and the other at our Oakmere Secondary site:

  • Swingate Primary School Council 
  • Oakmere Secondary School Council

Children at Swingate Primary hold a class-based School Council session every term supported by their class team who support the language, communication and access needs of their particular class group in order to enable them to deliver the session in the most meaningful way for their learners. ALL children are invited to participate and a variety of communication resources are  provided to ensure all children have a means of accessing the content of the School Council sessions. A School Council week is held in which every class has the opportunity to access the agenda and resources to discuss and vote on important decisions which will impact on their environment or provision.

Oakmere Secondary School Council consists of an elected member from each class who meet termly to discuss events, changes or additions which will directly impact their provision, environment or experiences.The council meet once a term to discuss and make decisions surrounding an agenda created by students and their class groups. Occasionally, the council may be called upon to make decisions for the whole staff. Our meetings are supported by our speech and language team to assist with communication.

Meet the Oakmere Secondary Representatives - "Hello, we are the representatives for the  Oakmere Secondary School Council."

Alek - Dormouse Class Rep           

Yugal - Hedgehog Class Rep     

Louise - Pool Frog Class Rep        

Mohamed - Badger Class Rep

Abdirahman – Squirrel Class Rep

Joshua - Otter Class Rep


Compass Partnership School Council

Every term our Compass Partnership School Council, comprising of two representatives from each of the partnership schools, meet to plan and discuss key issues that affect our students enabling them to be active citizens in the school and wider community. Two students are elected from their peers from Years 5 or 6 to represent Willow Dene Primary as well as two students from Oakmere secondary.

Our Agenda has included supporting local charities and groups, the environment, discussing what experiences we want everyone to have before the end of their time at Primary School, which led to our ‘11 before 11’ project. Our Secondary students at Oakmere extended this to a '16 before 16' project building on the ideas of activities and experiences children and young people should do before they turn 16. We have held our meetings in wonderful places including Westminster Abbey and the University of Greenwich and continue to look for innovative and interesting venues to hold our Compass School Council meetings!


In addition to our School and Compass Councils, we also ensure our children’s voices are heard within the wider community.

The Greenwich Young People’s Council (GYPC) is a council within the Royal Borough of Greenwich, made up of young people who represent the views of young people across the borough. This council was created to engage young people in  democracy, politics and citizenship. Our Willow Dene representative attends regular meetings with the GYPC to discuss local topics.

The ACE (Action, Change and Equality) group works to inform decision making for children and families with SEND within the Royal Borough of Greenwich. This group, comprising of members from our secondary provision, meet on a monthly basis in school, to discuss topics presented to them by the Local Authority.