ACE Festive Celebration

Our ACE group have been meeting each month to discuss different topics presented to them by the Local Authority, in order to make positive and meaningful changes within Greenwich which directly impact children and families with SEN/D.

Our December meeting was a little bit different however, as instead of meeting in school as usual, we visited Woolwich Town Hall instead! When we arrived, we were really excited to see that ACE groups from other schools within the Royal Borough of Greenwich were there too!

We had a great time getting to know everyone! We started by introducing ourselves as everyone arrived, shaking hands and saying our names. We then played some ice breaker games which had us up and moving, pairing up with other children and adults from the different schools and finding out their interests and likes, as well as sharing ours!

After our game we had some food and drink and continued our socialising.

To end, ACE organisers had bought us all gifts, which we handed out to each other by listening for our names and our friends names, and pointing out where each person was.

Look out for updates on our school website and twitter to see more of what our ACE group get up to in the new year!