FoWD - Friends of Willow Dene branded merchandise poll

FoWD poll

Friends of Willow Dene are considering selling a range of functional merchandise with the Friends of Willow Dene logo on them. This will be to raise money for our current projects such as buying gym equipment for the outside areas and purchasing additional apparatus to support children with MOVE targets.

In order to first establish whether or not people would be interested in the idea of this we are carrying out a poll. We would love you to vote on which, if any, items you might be keen to purchase.

Below are some pictures of the different items that we are considering. They include two notebooks, a water bottle, a tea/coffee flask and a shopping bag.


If Friends of Willow Dene were to sell the following items with the Friends of Willow Dene logo on them which would you buy?

Water bottle

Tea/coffee flask

Shopping bag

Small notepad


Let your vote count by heading to Twitter, following @willowdenesch and casting your vote