New Guidance for 'shielding' and 'vulnerable' children - please read

A small group of children who are ‘clinically extremely vulnerable’ due to their pre-existing condition will need to continue to shield. A further larger group of children exists who due to their underlying condition may need to shield and the decision to continue to shield would normally result from a discussion between the clinician, the child and their family. Patients can only be removed from the shielding patient list by their GP or specialist, following consultation with the child and their family, and other clinicians where appropriate.

Over the last few weeks, RCPCH has worked with paediatric specialties to review the evidence and revise the advice on which children and young people are ‘clinically extremely vulnerable’ to COVID-19 infection and therefore should continue to shield. This has indicated that not all those children and young people who are currently advised to shield need to continue to do so. Any decision on shielding should balance the clinical and social impact of shielding - weighing the benefit of keeping children and young people with underlying co-morbidities safe whilst protecting the most socially vulnerable, due to family and social circumstances, who may risk additional harm from continued shielding. If shielding is no longer necessary, clinicians should discuss with children and their families/carers their removal from the shielding list.

If your child is currently 'shielding' and you are considering a return to school - you will need to ensure that your child's GP or Consultant agrees that they should be removed from the 'shielding' list before they can return to school. 


Further details can be found in the document attached below: