Coronavirus (COVID-19) Catch-up Premium

The Compass Partnership of Schools 

Catch-Up Premium 


Coronavirus (COVID-19) Catch-up premium  

Each school in the Compass Partnership will receive additional funding from the government to support children to ‘catch up’ in their learning. This funding will run alongside the National Tutoring Programme. Willow Dene will be allocated £240 per pupil.  This is a one off allocation for the academic year 2020 to 2021 to ensure that those identified as having missed opportunities to learn and develop get the best possible support to help compensate for this shortfall during the COVID-19 pandemic 

Identify student needs following COVID-19 and plan for future progress 

All children at Willow Dene face considerable challenges because of their complex learning and health needs. The prolonged period at home for some children as a result of Covid-19 meant that some of our more vulnerable children were required to isolate at home. Whilst materials were sent home and additional support provided, there were barriers which meant that for some children, there was a gap in learning. All of our children benefit from a hands-on, active approach to learning within a highly structured environment with specialist resources and approaches, which are not always easy to replicate at home.  

The ‘engage’ phase of our return plan is an important period during which we will gain an understanding of children’s needs following the break from school or exposure to the new environment in and outside of the school. From this we will make the necessary plans and adjustments to ensure children can continue to make progress and make up for lost opportunities.  

At Willow Dene we recognise that children may have gaps in their learning, regardless of their ability to engage with class work projects and tasks. Some of these gaps may include the ability to self-regulate and manage behaviour, communicate functionally with others and maintain and improve on current learning. Within this we have considered children who: 


  1. Have missed a lot of school (discussions with teachers) 

  1. Found it more challenging to engage with or access remote learning (discussions with teachers and families) 

  1. Did not have access to the technology needed, or whose home lives made home learning difficult (discussions with senior leaders and DSLs) 

  1. Whose vulnerabilities or access modes made learning from home challenging (discussions with teachers) 

  1. Have experienced difficult family circumstances 


Catch-up approaches 

Our catch-up approach will vary depending on the needs of individuals. Catch-up will focus on mental health and wellbeing, engagement and key knowledge and concepts; the content and style of which will not be significantly different to our current pedagogical framework. 

In planning for catch-up, school leaders will focus on the three key elements identified by the EEF. These are: 

  • Teaching and whole school strategies 

  • Targeted support 

  • Wider strategies 

Leaders have developed an action plan that details their use of the funding in each area and the anticipated impact and timescale. This should then be shared with, and agreed by, the governing body who will have delegated responsibility for monitoring the use of this fund.


Covid 19 Catch-Up Premium was awarded to schools in the school Year 20-21. The rationale for the funding Willow Dene's action plan and the following impact evaluation can be seen below.